Summer Camps

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SUMMER CAMP SESSIONS May 30 - August 4, 2017    

Performers will enjoy dance routines, create art projects, learn songs, write scripts, make costumes and scenery all dealing with the theme for each particular Camp session.  Sibling discounts are available.  Afternoon Arts sessions are available for Performers needing to stay until 5:30pm.

SESSION 1           (1 week)
*Tuesday, May 30 - Friday, June 2       $175/session
Theme:  'Journey to the Deep Blue Sea'

There will be an in-house performance Friday 6/2 at 2:30pm.

*No camp Monday, May 29 (Memorial Day - Academy will be closed for the holiday) 

SESSION 2           (1 week)
June 5 - 9             $175/session

Theme:  'Trapped on Fantasy Island'

There will be an in-house performance Friday 6/9 at 2:30pm.

SESSION 3         (2 weeks)        
June 12 - 23       $350/session

Theme:  'Back to the 80's'

There will be an in-house performance Friday 6/23 at 6pm recorded and a public, outdoor performance on Saturday, 6/24 at 6pm. 

SESSION 4      (1 week)        
June 26 - 30       $175/session

Theme:  'Heroes & Villains'

There will be an in-house performance Friday 6/30 at 2:30pm.

SESSION 5         (2 weeks)        
July 3 - 14       $350/session

Theme:  'Journey Around the World'

There will be an in-house performance Friday, 7/14 at 6pm and a public, outdoor performance on Saturday, 7/15 at 6pm.

SESSION 6     (3 weeks)        
June 17 - August 4       $500/session

Theme:  'That Was a Joke' (an original musical)

There will be an in-house performance Friday 8/4 at 6pm recorded and a public, outdoor performance on Saturday, 8/5 at 6pm.

Important Notes for Parents of Young Performers

All performances will be recorded and posted for parent viewing on the Academy YouTube and Facebook sites.

Performers are expected to attend ALL of the days of the multi-week camp sessions due to script updates, scene blocking, costume creation and rehearsal time for the final productions.


The Academy of Performance Arts takes pride in providing ALL of the Arts during camp sessions.


Performers will create a variety of art projects as they relate to the Camp theme including drawing, painting, collage, abstract art, clay and sometimes ceramics. In addition, the Art Performers will create sets, costumes and scenery for the shows.


Performers will engage in techniques of improvisation, comedy, drama, musicals, stage interaction and behind-the-scenes technical related aspects of a theater production in every camp session.


Performers will experience body motion in the form of hip hop, freestyle dancing along with creative movement patterns using popular music, notable Broadway show tunes and theme songs. Each session will have a unique routine designed for that theme.


Performers will do exercises designed to teach music theory, melody, harmony and rhythm. Through these valuable basics, Performers will become acquainted with the role music plays in the theater production. If a Performer demonstrates superior musical ability, they may be asked to join the House Band to play during that session's production.

Camp Basics:

Summer Camp sessions are Monday-Friday (excluding holidays) 8:30am-2:30pm.  After Camp (care) is available for $75/week for performers who stay until 5:30pm.

All Performers participating in sessions should bring a light snack, a bag lunch and a drink.

Due to the physical nature of performance arts, Performers are required to wear socks and closed toe shoes (no flip flops or sandals), t-shirts and shorts or appropriate physical fitness/dance attire (no dresses).

Lunch will be at Noon and the Academy Staff and Performers will take their lunches and walk down to Horan Park for the lunch break. Camp session resumes back at the Academy at 1:00pm.

The Academy continues the tradition of every Wednesday having Performers invite 1 buddy to attend that day's camp... FREE.  If the buddy would like to stay in the camp session for the rest of the week, a pro-rated fee will be charged for the remainder of the camp session.