Our Studios


The Academy of Performance Arts features multiple studios to showcase the various genres of the Arts:


The Dance Studio:

1 large studio featuring a variety of movement including Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern and Freestyle dancing, plus specialty artistic movement such as Yoga, Mommy & Me, and other types of Artistic Body Movement.


The Music and Vocal Studios:

2 studios (with pianos) for private instruction, multiple keyboards and various instruments for group or band instruction. Vocal instruction is available in both studios.


The Art Studio:

1 large studio with multiple canvas & easels for painting classes & art instruction.  The art studio is ideal for pottery, ceramics and multimedia art.  Our gallery hallway is the perfect display space for our students' finished artwork as well as visiting artists’ work.


The Acting Studio:

1 large studio for video presentations and stage performance.  This is also our stage for upcoming performances.



** Master Classes for ALL Sessions of the Academy Arts can be scheduled with instructors as time permits throughout the day, evening or Saturday.