The Academy of Performance Arts is closed due to Hurricane Irma

To all Academy Patrons:

As a result of Hurricane Irma, the Academy of Performance Arts had two ceiling cave-ins and three studios showing huge wet spots where rainwater collected on the ceiling tiles...from holes in the roof...all disasters waiting to happen.

Some of you know of our two year-long ongoing battle to get the Landlord to fix the roof. It has leaked since day #1 of construction in November of 2015 and his "patch it" solution does not work...we have now reached the end of our patience.

The Academy of Performance Arts is actively searching for a new residence and will remain CLOSED until one is found...

As of Thursday, 9/14, we are moving ALL of the equipment & furniture OUT of the Academy and into a storage facility. Because of the possible harm that could come from a ceiling collapse, and keeping the safety and well-being of all Academy Performers first and uppermost in our minds, Michelle and I have chosen to close the Academy for now.

We have spent so much of our money, our time and our deep-rooted passion for the arts to create a wonderful facility only to have a roof that is a danger to everyone under it ruin everything.

It pains us to have built a beautiful facility...only to have to walk away from it now because we can't fight this issue any longer. 

We want to thank ALL of our Performers, their parents and all of our friends and family for your positive energy regarding the Academy.

Please know that as soon as we can find new financial support, like a phoenix rising from the flames...we will rise and all Academy classes will resume. 

Lu Alatorre
The Academy of Performance Arts

You can still enjoy watching our performances on our You Tube channel. We thank all of our performers, their instructors, our dedicated and tireless staff and volunteers for believing in The Academy of Performance Arts!

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Choose your art

The Academy studios allow Performers to find and develop their inner creative selves.

Why choose the academy

The Academy of Performance Arts provides a solid educational platform for Performers of all ages to learn and appreciate the Arts.


Acting is a great way to demonstrate expression. Acting builds self-confidence and motivation. Acting forms character and inner strength when a Performer is able to step outside their comfort zone.


Singing instruction allows the body to respond instantly to sounds the ear hears and the mind interprets; then models these into lyrical expression for Vocal delivery.


Enhancing self esteem and promoting positive self discovery through Art platforms. Encouraging expressive design with an emphasis on demonstrating colorful bodies of work.


Providing help for difficult homework with caring voices of guidance. Computer stations are available for work needing any reference materials or programs to help complete assignments.


Techniques to acquire coordination of fingers, hands, arms, lip, cheek and facial muscles then shaping these movements to create blended instrumental sounds.


Dance is innate in any Performer and existed before words were formed. Body movement expresses feeling and emotions and when structured and performed with awareness for its own sake, it becomes Dance.